Why SeeThruEquity?

conferencethemeSeeThruEquity is a one-of-a-kind equity research firm focused on micro and small cap stocks. We cover over 210 companies across a variety of sectors—everything from tech and healthcare, which is half of our research universe, to consumer, energy, basic materials and special situations. Our market cap range is from $5mm to 1bn.

We are not an investment banking and securities firm, so we do not make markets or raise capital for companies. And, we are not a classic paid for research firm which typically are expensive providers of issuer-sponsored research.

We have a hybrid model in which we invite companies that we want to write equity research on to present at our investor conferences. We ask the company to present at one conference and charge a competitive and industry standard fee to present, and we write a 15-20 page sell-side style equity research report on the company at no charge.

For micro and small cap companies that are finding it difficult to attract the attention of equity research departments of the investment banks and/or that don’t want to pay for issuer-sponsored research, SeeThruEquity’s research model is the answer.

But just because the research is free does not mean it isn’t high quality and impactful. Numerous company managements and our investor audience can attest to that. We have been around since 2011 and consistently growing our audience and our business every year since then for a reason.

And because of our unique business model, we have been vetted and accepted into Wall Street consensus estimates—we provide our estimates and our research to Thomson FirstCall, FactSet and CapitalIQ, which collectively represent an ecosystem of 100,000 of the world’s leading institutional investors. This is where the big boys access their equity research, and SeeThruEquity’s research is right there for them to read.

We also have developed one of the industry’s best opt-in investor email distribution lists and that has come from hard work. Every time an investor downloads a research report or attends one of our conferences, they are added to our database. This is a real, high quality list of over 17,000 investors including hedge funds, family offices and sophisticated high net worth investors, and not something that goes right to spam like the other guys’ lists. Contact us to learn more about our email distribution products.

Our conferences are among the best in the industry, and we have hosted 23 conferences, about once a quarter, since 2012. Please visit the Conference page to learn more.

To summarize, micro and small cap companies can receive free and unbiased equity research coverage with the leading independent equity research firm focused on emerging growth companies and present their story at one of the micro and small cap industry’s leading conferences! Contact Us to learn more and sign up.